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Whether you want to remove a fallen tree or take one down that’s still standing, call us. Because tree removal is an activity that is best handled by trained professionals.

Tree removal services Santa Rosa CA

Signs that You May Need Tree Removal

You may need to have a tree removed if:

  • The tree trunk is hollow.
  • Your tree is leaning dangerously.
  • The tree or large branches are at risk of falling.
  • There are many dead or dying branches on your tree.
  • Your tree is infested with pests or shows signs of disease.

Be sure to get a Sonoma County or Santa Rosa tree removal permit before taking down a tree.In addition, aesthetics can also lead to the decision to remove a tree.

For example, if a tree is blocking an important view or interfering with production of a solar installation, tree removal may be warranted.

Depending on the situation, we can climb the tree, use a bucket truck and/or crane to remove the tree. Tree removal by crane is effective in tight or difficult-to-access areas by lifting the tree over buildings and obstacles.

Once the tree is felled, we can complete the job based on your preferences:

  • Cut and stack the wood for firewood.
  • Chip the branches into mulch, either for on-site use or removal.
  • Haul away some or all of the wood and debris.

You May Need a County or City of Santa Rosa Tree Removal Permit

Before cutting down a tree—or hiring a professional tree removal Santa Rosa team to do it for you, be sure to check with the City of Santa Rosa first. Here’s why. The City regulates “removal of large and/or significant trees.” This particularly applies to “heritage” trees—particular types of trees that have reached a significant diameter or circumference.

For more, visit this page on the City of Santa Rosa’s website. Sonoma County tree removal is similarly regulated. Sonoma County property owners can visit this page on the County’s website.

Failure to secure the right permit can subject you to a costly fine. Sam’s Tree Service can help you determine if you need a permit and acquire it before the work begins.

Tree Removal Santa Rosa and Sonoma County:
It Takes The Right Skills and Equipment

Tree removal Sonoma County and Santa Rosa, CA can be hazardous.When trees—especially large ones—must be removed, it’s generally beyond the skill level of most homeowners and even landscaping companies in Sonoma County.

Why? Removing trees is a hazardous activity that requires special training and equipment that only professional tree companies have.

Trained arborists like Sam’s Tree Service know how to approach the task to minimize risk of damage to people, pets and property. And, also importantly, they typically have the right equipment that’s needed for the job.

Tree removal equipment generally includes:

  • Professional grade chainsaws, typically gas-powered, to cut branches and trunks
  • Rigging and climbing tools to ensure safety
  • Safety wear, such as helmets, face shields and/or safety glasses, gloves, work boots, ear plugs or muffs, etc.
  • A variety of wedges and axes
  • Wood chipper to shred branch sections and tree debris
  • Stump grinding equipment to take out stumps and roots

tree removal services in Santa Rosa, CA and Sonoma CountyDepending on the height of the tree and where it’s located relative to other trees or structures, tree professionals will probably also need a way to scale the tree. Some tree removal companies (like Sam’s) have powered access through bucket trucks.

But if the situation warrants, the arborist may need to climb the tree.

If this is the case, he will need other equipment, such as ladders, tree-rigging ropes, arborist blocks and pulleys, rigging plates and rings, lowering devices, snap hooks and more.

How to Avoid Tree Removal

When a tree is felled or diseased, it is too late for preventive measures and needs to be removed from the property. But sometimes removal can be avoided if proper preventive maintenance is applied earlier.

For example, if a tree needs balancing, it may be corrected by pruning. Pruning usually involves removing branches that are dead, diseased or broken. However, in this case, it means removing branches whose weight and/or position increase the likelihood of the tree or large branches falling in heavy wind.

The object is to help the tree by restoring structural integrity and promoting healthy growth. So, the tree no longer poses a risk of falling or endangering life or property. Tree trimming is critical for the overall well-being of your trees.

Read more on our tree trimming Santa Rosa CA services.

Affordable Tree Removal Services

Sam's Tree service provides affordable tree removal service to Santa Rosa and Sonoma County property owners.Taking care of your property—including your trees—can significantly impact your finances.

Keeping your trees healthy can help you avoid the need for tree removal. Santa Rosa CA-based Sam’s Tree Service can help Sonoma County property owners with affordable tree service, whether it’s preventive maintenance or tree removal.

Avoiding accidents lowers financial risk and can also help you boost the overall value of your property. Removing dead trees certainly improves the overall aesthetics of your property, which adds more value in the long run.

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When you want affordable tree removal Santa Rosa CA-based Sam’s Tree Service is the team to call. We have years of experience in the field and can help you prevent major accidents on your property from a falling tree or branch.

Whatever the circumstances of your trees and your property, Sam’s Tree Service brings a well-trained crew committed to the safety of you, your property and animals.

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You may need tree removal services if your tree exhibits any of these signs: a hollow trunk, dangerous leaning, risk of falling branches, dead or dying limbs, pest infestation, or disease. Additionally, tree removal might be necessary for aesthetic reasons, such as clearing blocked views or making space for solar panels.

Before proceeding with tree removal in Santa Rosa, it is essential to check with the City of Santa Rosa, as the removal of large or significant trees, especially heritage trees, is regulated. Failing to obtain the appropriate permit can lead to substantial fines. Sam’s Tree Service can assist in determining if a permit is needed and help acquire it.

Professional tree removal requires specialized equipment such as professional-grade chainsaws, rigging and climbing tools for safety, protective gear, and stump grinding equipment. For trees in difficult-to-access areas, methods like crane-assisted removal may be used to safely handle the job without damaging surrounding property.

Often, tree removal can be avoided through proper preventive maintenance such as balancing and pruning, which helps restore structural integrity and promotes healthy growth, reducing the risk of the tree or branches falling. Regular tree trimming is vital for the overall health and safety of your trees.

Removing potentially dangerous trees from your property can prevent accidents and damage to structures, significantly lowering financial risk. Additionally, the removal of dead or diseased trees can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, potentially increasing its overall value.

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