Stump Grinding & Remove by Professionals in Santa Rosa CA

After a tree falls or is cut down in your yard, you will probably want to consider stump grinding.

Stump grinding is a popular stump removal alternative to leaving the stump in the ground.

Here are some reasons why people choose stump grinding services…

Expert Stump Grinder in Santa Rosa CA

Not only is a tree stump unsightly, but a tree stump left behind by a large tree can last up to 10 years before it fully takes to rot. With some types of trees, your stump could actually sprout small saplings and begin to grow back.

Expert Stump Grinder in Santa Rosa CAStump grinding is the fastest and most efficient method of stump removal. We use a high-speed rotating cutting disk that chips away at the stump wood. The stump grinder can grind to a depth of 18 inches below surface grade.

Before grinding, especially if the location is near underground lines or power, be sure to call the utility company to avoid expensive, disruptive accidents. Sam’s Tree Service can advise you about safely and efficiently removing tree stumps.

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