Emergency Tree Care Services in Santa Rosa CA

Sometimes storms or other unforeseen circumstances require emergency tree removal or other service. If you have dead, weak or diseased trees, adverse weather conditions like heavy winds and rain can test them.

This can cause limbs to break and fall, or worse, entire trees can collapse.

Emergency Tree Service Santa Rosa, CA and Sonoma County

The result is often property damage or injury.

Damaged Trees May Require Emergency Tree Service

Even if the emergency didn’t lead directly to damage or injury, it may leave trees or large branches in the way of doors, vehicles or sidewalks. Damaged trees may appear to pose an imminent threat.

If you start to question the safety of your tree, or if the tree is already posing a significant threat, please call Sam’s Tree Service before things get worse. We can often respond within hours, even if it’s during the night.

With 24-hour call monitoring, we can dispatch a crew during non-standard business hours upon request. When you need someone with experience in emergency tree service to get the job done quickly and safely, call us at 707.293.6930.

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