Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Services

Depending on the tree and your municipality’s regulations, you may need a permit for removing trees. It often depends on the size and the location of the tree, whether the tree is a hazard, whether it is a heritage tree, street tree, an invasive species, etc. The arborists at Sam’s Tree Service can help you determine whether permits apply and help you in obtaining them.

Although tree removal is a last resort, sometimes it is necessary. One of our qualified arborists can help you decide whether or not a particular tree should be removed. Our trained crews have the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees.

Generally tree removal is recommended when the tree:

  • Is dead or dying.
  • Presents root problems.
  • Appears to be irreparably hazardous to property or personal safety.
  • Causes an obstruction that can’t be corrected through pruning.
  • Is due to be replaced by a more suitable specimen.
  • Is crowding and/or causing harm to other trees.
  • Needs to be removed to allow for new construction.

The answer depends on the tree and the property, the time that will be involved, etc. To give an accurate tree removal cost, one of our arborists will need to make a site visit.

Some of the factors that determine tree removal cost include:

  • Property and tree location
  • Tree size and configuration
  • Equipment needed
  • Time and personnel involved
  • Risk and safety concerns

It depends on the job. We can generally estimate removal costs without you present, but trimming or thinning involves specific preferences that we will want to discuss with you. In general, it’s better to be there so we are on the same page.

Not necessarily, but it is a good idea. We typically like to check in with property owners at the time of removal to address questions or issues that can’t always be determined in advance.  However, as long as you can provide us with access to your property, you may not need to be home for the process. Please ask for details about your tree removal project.

It depends on our crew’s availability. If your project is an emergency, such as a fallen tree or tilting tree, we will do our best to address your needs as quickly as possible. Scheduling depends on various factors, including the season, the nature of your project, etc.

Other than emergencies, we typically schedule projects within 5 days to several weeks, depending on the size and scope of the job.

Cal Fire and local fire departments have various recommendations. It generally involves clearing brush, trees (or limbs) that are close to structures and other actions to remove fuel from various “zones” around homes and buildings. If you don’t follow the proper regulations, the fire department may cite you if a warning they issue isn’t remedied. Sam’s Tree Service can offer advice and help. Ask us for a consultation and, if you have a fire department letter, share it with us.

We have a $400 minimum that applies to any job. Even if the actual time involved in a smaller job is low, it requires paying a crew for travel and prep time and getting the equipment ready, etc. Please ask us for details, and we will be glad to provide a more detailed cost estimate on your tree service project.

We guarantee that all work will be done to the specifications in the contract. Our work will meet or exceed professional standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISAI) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We also promise to honor our commitments to you and keep you informed if anything presents itself during the project that might change the estimate (which is rare).

After all is said and done, we guarantee your satisfaction. We promise that, if we ever fall short of our commitments, we will make it right.

Call us today for a FREE no-obligation consultation and cost estimate. We are confident that, once you compare our credentials, reputation and fair pricing, you will choose Sam’s Tree Service for all of your future tree care needs.

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